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Ronan Johnston
NEW ALBUM: Psalms, Songs, Solitude
Psalms, Songs, SolitudeRonan Johnston and Emmaus announce the release of their new album "Psalms, Songs, Solitude".

The genesis of the idea for this album was Joanne's. She suggested we compile all our quiet and contemplative tracks onto one album, providing a kind of "quiet time in a box" as it were, a resource for people who didn't have access to music ministry or big worship sessions, a way of plugging straight into prayer through music. The recordings come right from our first album "Come to Me" in 1989 to our most recent "Let's not go back to Egypt" in 2011.?May it be a blessing to you on your ongoing journey into God.

Track Listing:

  1. My Burning Heart - from the album "Emmaus Community Praise Live", 2002
  2. Lord I am not proud (Psalm 131)- from the album "Mountaintop", 2009
  3. And I will worship you - from the album "Mountaintop" 2009 ©
  4. You have never let me down - from the album "Mountaintop" 2009 ©
  5. Out of the depths (Psalm 120) - from the album "Closer Nearer" 1999
  6. Jesus, Jesus Touch me - from the album "Closer Nearer" 1999
  7. We have a hope in Jesus/All will be well - from the album "Emmaus Community Praise Live" 2002
  8. Draw Me - from the album "Across the River" 1995
  9. Shadow of your wings - from the album "Across the River" 1995
  10. The Father's Song (You are mine) - from the album "Come to Me" 1989
  11. I will lose control to you - from the album "Across the River" 1995
  12. Who are you? - from the album "Come to Me"
  13. Trust Surrender Believe Receive - from the album "Come to Me"
  14. You are my beloved child (outro) - from the album "Let's not go back to Egypt" 2011

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Let's Not Go Back To EgyptRonan Johnston and Emmaus announce the release of their album "Let's not go back to Egypt", a wry reflection on things economic and spiritual in Ireland for these past couple of years.

Ten brand new tracks with a real eclectic flavour, the album begins with the title track "Let's not go back to Egypt", a romp through the American spiritual landscape recently so successfully occupied by the Blind Boys of Alabama. Then an immediate change of pace with the orchestral (and choral) "Arise Shine", lyrics taken from Isaiah 60.
From folk rock (All who are born of the Spirit) to Rock rock (I Belong), from quiet meditation of "because of the Lord's great love"
to the wig out of "Hush (and listen)" this is Emmaus back to their collective ideal of having a real wild mix on every album.

For old fans of the band, some of the themes of previous albums are on view here; light in darkness, hope in times of suffering, and deep yearning for God. But there are some very new challenges too. Right from the get go, the refrain (and album title) reverberates, Let's not go back to Egypt. So everyone went mad and lost their view of the eternal one while trying to get rich quick. Okay, so we blew the boom!
Let's not walk ourselves back into slavery just because we don't know what to do any more.

"As things have been slowly falling apart", says Ronan " and as we've seen the great institutions of State, business and Church come tumbling down, people have become very afraid, very anxious about the future, very unsure if they will survive. I think this album is a reminder that it is for freedom that we have been set free. We have a deep and lasting hope in Jesus, and if we stay close to Him during this time, He will take this present disaster and turn it into something great and wonderful.

So many of our songs have been about taking heart in times of darkness. This album is no exception. It just seems like the darkness is even greater than before. But his light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never put it out."
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Lyrics and Chord Sheets (in Microsoft Word)
Breathe On These Dry Bones
Do Not Be Afraid
Lord I Am Not Proud
Let Your Glory Fill This Place
St. Patrick's Shield
Never Let Me Down
And I Will Worship You
If The Devil Gets A Hold
Speak Lord
One More Time Around
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Songs of Consolation

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Pre-release album is now available to purchase, exclusively on the Internet! If you're in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand use CD Baby. If you're in Ireland, the UK or the rest of Europe, use PayPal, and the CD will be dispatched to you directly from Dublin. We offer a discount service to the following countries: China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Philippines, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine (or other Eastern Europe & Asian countries). Please click here for more details.
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25th March 2007
Just a quick one this time, to let you all know that 21 demands just went to Number 1 yesterday with "Give me a minute", entirely on downloads (an amazing achievement), David's download "Don't look back in Anger) is at number 7, and both Scubadice and Maeve O'Donovan's tracks are still top 40. Congrats to all. I mainly blame your producers!!

David O'Connor's single, "On Borrowed Wings" was finished in the allotted 72 hours (Lord help us). Sounding huge!! And will be due for download any second, and available in the shops within a week or so.

And most importantly of all, "Songs of Consolation" CD's pressed, and just covers to be printed. We'll be ready to go by Easter, and you can get it directly through this website. Hopefully we'll have at least two buttons initially: Paypal and CD Baby, and we'll add iTunes as soon as it's up on the system!

Can't wait. I'll send you all a message as soon as we're ready to roll!

22nd March 2007
21 Demands
"Give me a Minute" by 21 Demands went straight into the Irish charts this week at Number 2, based on downloads alone, recorded only a week ago in my place, and produced by myself and Larry. Actually the story is even more exciting than that. This week, we have four downloadable records in the Irish top 30, all recorded and produced by us for the final four acts in You're A StarScubadice series 5.

So Scubadice have a Number 8 hit singing a cover version of Greenday's holiday

David O'ConnorDavid O'Connor, (the final winner of the competition) is at 20 with a cover of Noel Gallagher's "Don't Look back in Anger".....

Maeve O'Donovanwhile Maeve O'Donovan is at number 25 with the Stevie Nick's song "Landslide" also recently covered by the Dixie Chicks.

To cap the week, we find ourselves down in Joe Egan's "Loft" studio in Clara County Offaly (where I mixed "Songs of Consolation" my own forthcoming album) this time, recording the winner's single for Universal records. David won as I mentioned, and he's been given a very strong pop ballad written by Bryan Adams and Elliot Kennedy called "On Borrowed Wings". The pressure is on and we've only three days to record and mix it. Hope you all like it. It will be available for download on Friday coming. 

13th March 2007
Contents Under Pressure!!
Okay, so I got the new album, "Songs of Consolation" all mastered and stuff, and I was patiently waiting for You're a Star to come to its natural end, when the MPO CD pressing plant in Dublin ceased its operations last Friday. There was a mad scramble and now (as there's only one pressing plant left in the country!) I have to get everything in to the system on Thursday.

So this is a map of my life for the next few days. Wednesday: do all the band charts for the last two You're a Star shows. 10 hours Thursday: Helix for Camera rehearsals for semifinal and final of You're a Star. Get masters of "Songs of Consolation" into MidAtlantic. 9 hours Friday: Final Rehearsal with acts for closing weekend of You're a Star, mid afternoon soundcheck RTE, and Late Late Show with acts that night (lots of hours) Saturday: Semifinal day. In the Helix at crack of egg. Rehearsals and soundchecks all day. Show live at 8pm. Results at 930. Drive home. Don't crash. Fall into bed. Sunday: Final day. In at 8am. Same as yesterday but with one fewer act. Go live at 630pm. Results at 8pm. Wrap party soon after.

Monday- start recording single with this year's You're a Star winner for Universal records. Get artwork in on Songs of Consolation. Try not to have breakdown. Kiss kids goodnight. Fall asleep.

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